January 21, 2013

New York Public Library

 A Good Booke
 is the precious lifeblood of a
 master spirit embalmed and treasured
 up on purpose to a life beyond life
                                         -John Milton

At every age in history the idea of censorship has been a source of contention.
 Even back in 1643 in England the subject presented contention in Parliament. 
 Even 300+ years later this same debate arises dealing with books,
 music, newspapers, and life in general.  

John Milton, from “Areopagitica.” Milton wrote his tract in response to the Licensing Act of 1643,
 which had conferred upon Parliament the power to censor books before publication.
 Having devoted most of his energies in the 1640s to politics and pamphleteering,
 he began his masterwork Paradise Lost in the late 1650s.
 He was blind while composing it and died at the age of sixty-five in 1674.

Moses showing his human frustration with the Hebrew people.

A mother and son sharing their earliest bond over a book.

-The first printed Bible-

Gutenberg Showing a Proof to the Elector of Mainz, which depicts Johann Gutenberg 
showing a proof of his Bible to Adolph of Nassau, Elector of Mainz.
 This panel shows the great innovation that ushered in the modern world--Gutenberg's
 invention of the printing press and moveable type in about 1450.
 Printing made the dissemination of information and ideas fast and inexpensive,
 and so changed communication forever. Gutenberg's first printed book was the Bible,
 and the Library owns one of the forty-eight known copies.

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  1. Marvellous. Thanks for showing these.

  2. Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Some beautiful photos in your post alonside some interesting information. With the financial crisis that we have at present there have been numerous cutbacks and unfortunately local libraries have suffered. Many have had to close due to lack of funding.My local one has managed to remain open with the help of volunteers. To me a library crosses all boundaries of colour, race, creed and age and is a necessity not a luxury.


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