January 22, 2013

New York High

Even through the mist New York shines on...
A glimpse of many originals...

The Flatiron Building to the far right - 1902
The Metropolitan Life Building with the clock - 1909
The New York Life Building with the gold top - 1926

The Chrysler Building among the fog or smog...
Built in 1931 this fondly known art deco building is still the tallest brick building 
in the world today.  The debate of the tallest building in the world though was a
short lived reality.  The Queensboro Bridge seems to emerge out of the 
Chrysler Building. 

Where's Waldo?
I'm not certain you'll find Waldo here but you will find a few water towers
among the building tops.  I can count to at least 50 -  how about you?

The New York Life Building
The gold leaf top shines above all.

--It seems like Insurance companies helped build and design most of NYC

The Flat Iron Building


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