October 27, 2012

New Orleans Jazz Fest 2012

Jazz Fest 2012 

This is the final post on the 2012 New Orleans Jazz Fest.
I've wanted to attend this event for some time and was finally
able to align life and show up to enjoy the bands, food, art, and people.
It was hot (understandably so - we were in the South!), and the days 
were long and the choices were over whelming.  BUT!  It was a fun
time I'm so glad to have had.  With every element I've covered there was so
much I either didn't snap pictures of or I just missed or forgot about.  There
were many more bands I wish I had the chance to hear and there were bands
I wish I could've heard more.  We kept moving attempting to experience all we
could.  Just one band could be a days worth of entertainment let alone 10-20!
Would I go back?  
....in a heart beat! 

The New Orleans Police Department.
The Crescent and Star symbol covers the Crescent city and the sign for the sheriff department - the star. I thought it a curious sign that reflected their city.

The festival is held at the New Orleans Fairgrounds and Race Track.
Since it's too hot in the Summer for horse racing the infield of the track provides a great
space for a festival.  

Everywhere you looked you couldn't be mistaken where you were.

The airways provided a spot for the usual commercial of where to go and what to do when the day was over.

For an added fee you could drink cold Miller Lite beer with some cool air at the Miller Lite tent.  It also provides a top deck where you can get some impressive view of several bands in different directions.

The festival logos were art in themselves.

Can you distinguish the festival elements in the tree?

A colorful ending.

The Jazz Fest posters have become quite collectable.
This years posters portrayed Shamarr Allen and Trombone Shorty.
The picture above is Shamarr.
Check out  art4now for a view of the posters in the past.
Below is a picture of the other poster of Trombone Shorty. 

New Orleans is a city that can dwell in you.  Sure it's city with some problems but the culture it provides is like no other place.  If you get the opportunity visit New Orleans and better yet make it when Jazz Fest is in town.

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