October 7, 2012

New Orleans Jazz Fest 2012

The stages of Jazz Fest
Below are most of the stages of Jazz Fest and just a few of the bands I got to enjoy.  It doesn't begin to cover all of the bands.  The diversity was staggering.  Something was available no matter what you groove to! I was lucky enough to attend three days but if you covered both weekends you could enjoy seven days of non stop music and entertainment.

Fais Do Do Stage
This was one of the smaller stages but it still offered a variety of music.  Iron and Wine, Steve Earle, Feu Follet, Ani DeFranco were just a few groups we enjoyed.

The Gentilly Stage
Florence and the Machine, Los Po-Boy Citos, Janelle Monae,
 Bruce Hornsby, and Bonnie Raitt were just a few that graced this stage.

Acura Stage
Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Neville Brothers, Grace Potter, The Bucktown All-Stars, Zac Brown,  Honey Island Swamp Band, Jimmy Buffet, and Trombone Shorty rocked this stage.  
The Acura was the main stage and was the hot spot to be.  
Everyone had a 'favorite' they wanted to see.  Personally I finally got to enjoy being a Parrot Head listening to Jimmy Buffet.  I became a new fan of Trombone Shorty, and did some country rocking with Zac Brown.  Of course Bruce Springsteen offered up the show of shows that left everyone with a happy moment.

Jazz and Heritage Stage
Original Pinettes Brass Band, The Revealers, and the Red Hawk Mardi Gras Indians performed here.

The Jazz tent
The Blues tent,
The Gospel tent
Inside the tents water misters provided some relief from the heat.  Not only did you get cool but another wide variety of music had you tapping, clapping, swaying and maybe even dancing.
Herbie Hancock, Aaron Neville's Gospel Experience, J. Monique 'D Blues Band, and my most favorite Wanda Rouzan known as the Sweet Heart of New Orleans.  For a 70+ year old lady she had the tent full and everyone was on their feet.  Check her out you won't be disappointed! --http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17tCu19FpbY

Congo Square Stage
Mystikal, and the Beastie Brothers had everyone stomping to the beat.

The Fleur De Lis

This symbol has a long history.  New Orleans though has embraced it as their symbol to bring them together.  A city that has gained and lost and regained itself time and again.  

The Economy Hall Tent (not pictured) also gave you the The Treme Brass Band, Don Vapple and the Creole Jazz Serenaders, and the Dukes of Dixie Land.  

The Lagniappe Stage, The Kids Tent, and the Music Heritage Stage also provided more entertainment. You could've spent the whole day in just one tent or stage.
No matter how many stages you were able to hear there was always somebody performing at another stage that you wish you could also hear.  
Music overload!

Acura Stage with Bruce
Just to give a better slice.....
My previous picture of the Acura Stage barely gave you the true concept.
Even this picture doesn't cover the immensity. 
 I had to share this pic also because
 the city of New Orleans provided the ultimate backdrop.

I can still hear the sounds.........

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