December 6, 2011

Sandy Cove weekend

Sandy Cove, Maryland

I was blessed to spend a weekend at Sandy Cove for a ladies Christian event weekend.  It was relaxing and renewing in my spiritual life.  We enjoyed Jan Silvious speaking and Babbie Mason singing.  The weekend couldn't have been better with the weather cooperating.  We were located at the beginning of the Chesapeake Bay and the sunsets were just awe inspiring.  I was able to spend time with my Mother and her best friend and her daughter along with other local ladies from a nearby church.  Everyone walked away feeling refreshed and ready to face the world with renewed hope and a new perspective.

Does life throw us curve balls right into the side of our heads?
How do we handle those situations?  Bitterness, Depression, Sadness, Anger to name a few.  Some can pick up and move on and others get stuck.  We were given four points to ponder then it was time to pick ourselves up move forward and continue to just love in some way  -  in any way can.

Points to ponder (Jan Silvious)
1.  It's one event in a life time of events.  It's time to move on.
2.  What might been does not exist so don't go there.
3.  The last chapter has not been written yet.
4.  There is a God and you're not him.

Love is the Most Excellent Way  (Babbie Mason)
I could speak with the tongue of men and angels
Love is the more excellent way
But if I don't have love, I'm just a clanging cymbal
Love is the more excellent way
I could have the faith to remove the mountains
Love is the more excellent way
But if I don't have love then I have nothing
Love is the more excellent way

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is Humble, all of the time
Not easily angered, enduring the test
So never forget
Love is the more excellent way

One inspiring lady I met was in a car accident four years ago.  She was in a wheel chair but could walk with great effort for very short spurts.   She also was diagnosed with cancer and had undergone  the dreaded chemotherapy so her hair was just starting to grow back.  She is  the Executive Director of our local food bank Project Share.  She had the widest smile the greatest outlook.  She was determined to walk the length of this dock.  She succeeded.  
What am I facing?  Nothing compared to her. 
Am I complaining how the world is treating me?  More than likely.
It's time to take stock and count my blessings and know Love IS the most excellent way.
We all are given blessings.  Even my new acquaintance was counting her blessings.  
One step at a time.  One day at a time.  
Step by step God is with us all.  Use him as your crutch.

My Mother (right) and her best friend (left).
Ginny and Gladys.

Friends for 43 years and counting.
They met while being placed in the same hospital room while giving birth to their daughters.  There has been laughter, tears, ups, and downs ever since.  

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