December 15, 2011

New Orleans sites along the way

When I'm lucky enough to get down to the Big Easy it's always a rush to get that plane
 on the ground and get to the ball field.  Our last visit was no exception.
  We fly over Lake Ponchatrain and can see the ball field lights.  (see the black arrow) 
 Of course we move on to the airport and anxiously await a safe landing and then 
look for our ride sitting in the parking garage.  That's usually our first challenge. 
 Our son parks his truck and heads to the ball field and we are left searching
 for the truck among all the other sleek vehicles.  We're then out of the airport
 and across Route 10 to find a seat in the bleachers. 
 It sounds oh so boring to most but to parents it's a short lived gift very cherished.
My son attends college and plays baseball in New Orleans and we excitedtly  
look forward to every trip to this history laden city filled with more stories
then I'll ever be able to know.

Just riding down the streets of New Orleans your eyes are filled with architecture that 
constantly amazes you.  This cozy home was just restored by Sotheby's and sold for a pretty penny.  
My pennies aren't pretty enough to own this beauty!

--and that's all I have to say about that

The Cornstalk fence out in front of the hotel is it's own tourist attraction.

Jazz it up in New Orleans any way you can!

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