October 17, 2010

Men in Black....

For a considerable length of time prior to the movie 'Men in Black', I knew that some folks really were aliens.  At the time I came to this conclusion from being around some co-workers. There were many that had some very odd habits and personalities.  My guess then was that they were flown in every morning and were transported into human bodies prior to walking to their desks.  Some could not shake their alien ways throughout the day which brought me to my conclusion.  The movie then made it's debut and sealed my thoughts.  I'd like to know who else was thinking my same thoughts?  Recently I found this fellow on the side of my house.  I didn't receive any visitors that day so I'm thinking he/she was just taking a rest on my home until they went to their final destination.  I do believe this was one of the coffee lounge 'people' from the movie.........

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