February 1, 2018

Sioux Falls Sculptures

Monarch of the Plains
12 tons!
I'm glad a real buffalo doesn't weigh this much! 
Can you imagine?

The details let's nothing to the imagination.

The American Farmer
What are his thoughts?
Will there be a drought?  Will there be too much rain? 
Will I have the money to harvest?  Will someone buy my harvest?

For Which it Stands
My first thought on this statue is it looked so much like my great niece and nephew!
In the recent controversy over standing for the American National Antherm,
this portrays how the young learn by our actions even from another young person.
We all desire for our children to learn respect, but as we age we throw it to the wind
over a long list of reasons.  
I wish we could find a long list of reasons to come together with respect to solve our issues.
Can it be done?
Attitudes Actions Humility

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