November 14, 2016

Super Moon 2016

I was ready for the super moon of 2016 last evening.  Camera settings checked and tripod set up.
I got a few lovely shots as the moon was first rising then as its color faded I got a few more shots.  When I was ready to go to work this morning I stepped outside and the moon was even more beautiful!  I snatched the camera and no tripod because Mr Moon was descending quickly.  As it was going down behind the leaf barren trees I snapped away.  I felt I missed the shots but upon uploading my pictures I realized the trees gave it character all its own!
Around the world today:

Last evening - Nov 13
The moon was rising and growing bigger!

Last evening  - Nov 13
As it lost its orange glow the moon was still visibly larger than usual.



  1. Magnificent beautiful moon photography ~ one of nature's gems ~ thanks!

    Wishing you a peaceful week ~ ^_^

  2. People keep posting lots of supermoon shots since last night, and the shot from my hoya friend in Sweden almost just like yours is the best. I missed it as ours is too cloudy, only got a few glimpses. I hoped to get the morning moon, woke up at 4am, yet our skies are even more cloudy, so no way!

  3. Imaginative capture here Holly.

  4. Beautiful! My moon was short lived and swallowed up in clouds.

  5. When I went to bed it was windy, rainy and overcast. I woke up before dawn and saw the full moon hanging over the ocean, reflecting on the water. It was beautiful. - Margy


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