September 22, 2013

Red's Eats Wiscasset, Maine

Driving through Wiscasset, Maine very slowly due to traffic, we quickly pull in an open
parking spot when we spied Red's Eats at the last minute.
Was it planned?  No.  Was it anticipated? No.
I remembered somewhere in the back of my brain watching
an episode on one of the many food channels that Red's Eats was the place to EAT!!
Soo, while in Maine do as the vacationers do!
Worth it?  YES!

While waiting in line for over 45 minutes, the scenery was nothing to scoff at!

On one side we got the view of the lake and right beside us we got the continual
view of a looonnng line of cars slowing down for all those waiting in line at
Red's Eats crossing and recrossing the road.  Among some of those
cars this one stood out.  Yes they had just ate at Red's and were now on their way.

Everywhere you turn in life you can find signs indicating 
The Best or #1 or World's Best
 Red's Eats didn't disappoint in any of these categories!
Standing in line we were offered a cold glass of water (or two), an 
umbrella to block the sun, some friendly conversation usually 
starting out with "where are you from?"

I know many who try really hard not to do what 'everyone' else does and I know
others who do nothing but what 'everyone' else does.  
You never know what you're missing out on or what you truly never want to do again 
until you do it!  Huh?  
Some tourist things are good to miss but then some are not to be missed!
Guess what I determine about Red's!
A Must!

The line moved quickly considering the number of people and what was being served.
This meal measured with any five star lobster dinner with candle light and wine!
To top it off I hear the ice cream was another favorite. 
We forgot to allow room, but maybe next time!

Red's Eats
Stop by soon and place your order!

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  1. What - you din't save room for ice cream? I think I've heard of this place. That's a long time to wait, so I'm glad it was worth it!

  2. Fun place!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Good to hear that somewhere lives up to its reputation.

  4. Looks like a very fun place!


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