June 12, 2013

New Orleans -- Cheerful Colorful Homes

A Street Car name Desire 
This book claimed the street cars ran to Elysian Fields but history claims otherwise
in New Orleans.  Regardless -- you can feel the New Orleans descriptions as you 
read the book.  This bungalow below fits the description in the book of the house in 
the book.   

If you're ever in need of a quaint B&B in New Orleans check this place out.

(sorry for the car ) 
I had to include this ketchup and mustard shotgun home. 
--A New Orleans original

A colorful shotgun with and added floor in the back for more space.

(sorry for the car...)
An orange and purple shotgun home.
I so wish a banjo or saxophone player were sitting on the porch playing a tune...

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