July 14, 2012

Oak Alley Plantation

The leading characters.
This is one side of the row of Oaks lining a path from the house to the Mississippi River.
You can see the branches behind the trees coming down to the ground.  Some of the branches have even begun another tree by sinking into the ground over the last 300+ years.  I included Samantha in this photo to give some perspective in size. 
I wonder just how much yellow ribbon it would take to tie it around just one of these Oak trees...

 Come on in for a spell and a nice cup of sweet tea.
Nothing defines Southern hospitality than a visit to Oak Alley.

Summer Heat?
Oak Alley has a cure for these challenges.
This is a fan above the dining room table.
A slave would pull the rope and the fan would swing back and forth to keep those flies moving onward and to give somewhat of a breeze as everyone enjoyed their meal.

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