January 16, 2012

UNO -- University of New Orleans

The University of New Orleans
Surprisingly this has been a part of our family life over the last five years.  Never would I have 
guessed this prior to that.  When my son was considering his college options this was the 
last place I would have dreamed for him.  It was Fall of 2006 when it came on the radar.
Till that point I was thinking he'd land relatively close to home here in Pennsylvania.  
Possibly The University of West Virginia (3 hours away) or maybe The University
of Delaware (3 hours away).  But noooo, he decides on UNO (18 hours away)!  
It was just a year after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and my first 
impression was why oh why!  The next year he started school and I can say it has been 
a great experience.  I admit I was wrong and had to step back from first impressions.
It's been great to see the city rebuild and experience the culture which is unlike any other.
UNO has had it's ups and downs due to the effects of Katrina but with the end in sight
it's kind of sad realizing that our trips here will be very few or non existent.  
The baseball the food the friends the atmosphere has been great!
I'm quite certain my son will return here often now that the Southern  way of life 
has entered his life.  Hopefully we too can find the time to venture back.

-The Alumni and Visitor Center-

Being a Business major Kirschman Hall has been an integral part of the real reason 
of attending college.  Let's hope and pray the education has paid off!!!!

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