April 28, 2011

Oasis of the Seas -- Ports

It's amazing how the port can be jammed with folks scrambling to get back on the ship, scrambling to restock what needs to be restocked, scrambling to get rid of the 'stuff' that needs to be gotten rid of...., scrambling to get that last passenger who is late back on the ship.  Scramble Scramble Scramble.  
We're off and it's a ghost port.

Kudos to Royal Caribbean Cruise Line for having strict but efficient security measures.  
At each port these little shacks are set up to process all the passengers back on the ship after going through these security check points.  Other cruise lines weren't as stringent on their security.  
Yes it could possibly be a pain to wait an extra 5 - 10 minutes but when visiting other countries who wish to do crazy things to others the added security just makes you feel good.  

Ahoy down there!
16 stories down.

It was time to remove the gang-ways and prepare to sail!

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