April 20, 2010

30 Hour Famine 2010

Our house was 'flocked' today by The Good Shepherd Youth Group.
It's that time of year to support the 30-hour famine sponsered by World Vision.
The animals in our yard were hit by 'mad cow', 'chicken pox', and 'swine flu'.
For a one time vaccination fee of $20 we can ensure our yard isn't flocked again. To have the ailments treated with the possibility of another outbreak is only $10. For only $5 we can choose to share the flocking with others. Be on the lookout!
"A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor." Proverbs 22:9
If you're interested in donating to a great cause please contact me or send a donation to
Good Shepherd Community Church
2135 Ritner Highway
Carlisle, PA 17015

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